If you want to install an air conditioning system in your house, make it come true with Square HVAC. We are offering advanced HVAC installation services in Downers Grove. Our technicians are highly competent and have completed many projects in the last several years. The proof of their in-depth knowledge regarding the field is that they have always received immense appreciation from the customers, making them an ideal choice if you need amazing HVAC installation near me.

What Kinds of Installation Do We Offer?

  • Central Air
  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Furnace

Central Air

For HVAC Installation Service in Downers Grove, the first thing that has to be taken care of is the right location. And the right location refers to the spot that has good airflow. Also, it should be accessible in case of any repair or maintenance and have to be far away from social areas because the system creates too much noise. But we ensure that if it is placed on the ground, we put a concrete slab first to stabilize the unit. This way, the central ac installation succeeds, and no problem occurs due to imbalance. The next step is to check the air duct; therefore, the air conditioner contractor evaluates it thoroughly to ensure there are no cracks or gaps. These defects do not become a hurdle for the installation, but afterward, they affect the airflow badly as the air escapes through them. Then, after making sure that everything is fine with the duct, the installation process starts. Since the unit is already placed outside, the indoor parts are connected inside. Another thing that our professionals always consider is that there should be no contaminants in the refrigerant line so that the environment stays harmless and hygiene is maintained. Once each element is in its place, the team checks whether the entire system is working correctly or not. The experts also prefer reading the guidance book given with the unit because every product has its specifications according to which it works. This is how the installation becomes hassle-free and efficient. So, do you want to add central air to the house? Connect with us now!

Split Air Conditioner

Install ac in the house is not so different from installing central air. The only difference between both is that the split AC has two units, i.e., indoor and outdoor. The contractors cut a hole through the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units. However, before doing this, they ensure that the spot does not have direct exposure to sunlight or heat. The indoor unit is then mounted on the plate properly so it does not fall off. For the outdoor unit, such a location is chosen that is not heavily trafficked or dusty so that the fins and filters do not become dirty more frequently. A concrete pad is laid on the floor, and the unit is placed on it. Afterward, it is checked if the surface is even or not because it can interrupt the efficient performance of the cooling system. The unit is secured to the slab with the help of anchor bolts too so that it does not get imbalanced. Our media u air conditioner installation experts always cross-check everything they do, so they assess the wires again to ensure a strong connection between them. Lastly, the piping and cable are linked with the outdoor unit, and pipes are clamped on the wall. It is also ensured that the hole in the wall is sealed with polyurethane foam so that hot air or insects do not get inside. Do you want a reliable HVAC installation service? Call us today.


If you are searching for furnace contractors near me, there is no better option than Square HVAC’s experts. The reason for this is that they have fulfilled many orders of furnace installation successfully. Placement of the furnace involves many check-ups in the HVAC Installation Service in Downers Grove policy so that it does not create any problems in the near future. The duct is thoroughly evaluated first because it determines how the furnace can be placed. Also, the assessment helps to know if the new unit requires more airflow than what is provided by the existing ductwork. Once the furnace is connected to the duct, all the new fittings are sealed to prevent air leakage. The technicians do this job with the help of premium quality foil tape or duct sealant. For connecting the vent pipe and gas supply, the venting system must be installed perfectly; otherwise, it does not provide combustion air to the furnace. Hence, after confirming that the vent system is placed appropriately, the gas supply is connected to the furnace. Moreover, the vent pipes are joined with the shutoff valve installed outside the unit. Finally, the power is given to the furnace control board, and it is verified that the wiring meets the specifications of the instruction manual. So, are you looking for heating and air contractors near me? Ring us a bell now!

Affordable HVAC Installation Service in Downers Grove

If we talk about the cost of HVAC installation service, it is guaranteed that the service is offered at highly affordable rates, and the amount always depends upon the work that must be done. For example, if the customer is just replacing an air conditioner, all the pre-installation work must have been done already, so the payment he will have to make will not be much. But if an appliance is being installed for the first time, the contractors have to start from scratch, and the customer will be charged accordingly. Nonetheless, we assure you that you will never have to pay beyond the fair price. Do you need proficient residential HVAC installers near me? You are at the right spot. So, please do not wait, just pick up your mobile phone and dial our number now.

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