The purpose disappears if your furnace does not provide enough heat on the coldest days and nights. However, you do not have to panic because Square HVAC has an experienced team of professionals offering over a decade of amazing Furnace Repair Services in Elmhurst, IL.

Following Furnace Repair Service In Elmhurst IL:

  • Scrubbing the Dirty Ductwork
  • Repairing or Replacing the Filters
  • Checking the Starting Mechanism
  • Fixing the Elements of Blower Motor
  • Restoring the Heat Exchanger
  • Maintaining the Limit Switch


Scrubbing The Dirty Ductwork

Just like other ductwork, it is also important to clean the air duct of heat. Our experts thoroughly cleanse the entire vessel with harmless chemicals to immediately remove dirt, dust, or fungi. If mold has intensely affected the duct, they apply some additional furnace repair techniques, like fixing the deformity of the ductwork’s structure caused by mold. 

Sometimes, due to so much fungus, the holes appear on the duct, and they have to be fixed so that heat leakage does not occur. Thus, after the cleansing process, those holes are sealed tightly to avoid any near future inconvenience.

Repairing Or Replacing The Filters

The filters inside the heater should always have unclogged pores because each filter plays a major role in keeping the air and ductwork clean. Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to unclog the clogged pores so that no dirt remains. Afterward, for hygiene purposes, they wash them with chemicals that are harmless to human beings so that they breathe in clear air, and the appliance works perfectly too.

At times the filters have been damaged to such an extent that it gets impossible to continue using them. In this situation, we recommend replacing the old filters with new ones because it becomes crucial for a successful furnace repair, after communicating with the customer about buying the filters. One of our professionals gets new filters, and we install them in the heater efficiently. So, are you searching for a furnace installation near you? You are at the right place.

Checking The Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism in the heater depends upon whether it is an old model or a new one; it is because, in old heaters, a pilot light starts a heating cycle, whereas electrical ignitions are required in new kinds of heaters for this purpose. It is a part of our Furnace Repair Service in Elmhurst IL that before moving on to any conclusion about what has happened to the heater, we always check the starting mechanism.

For pilot light reparation, the professionals reset the switch off for security purposes and then relight it after a minute. This usually works if the issue is minor and saves the customer from high furnace repair costs.

On the other hand, to provide Furnace Repair Services for condensing heaters. The electric ignitions are removed to check the problem inside the system. If the fuse has any defect, we replace it because it is the only option, but if there is some flaw in the heating element, we unscrew it, clean it with a blower, and fix the broken components. Do you need a furnace repair near me? Call us now.

Fixing The Elements Of Blower Motor

Is winter approaching, but your heater’s blower motor is not working correctly? It is troublesome. Well, our contractors can fix the problem within a few minutes. So, if you want a durable HVAC repair near you we are here at your service.

To ensure the quality of Furnace Repair Service in Elmhurst IL, we analyze every element of the blower motor, including its power supply unit, thermostat, and filters. We ensure the blower is getting enough power supply to work, but sometimes there are some trip issues due to which the voltages become low, and the motor needs a proper charge. We then resolve the tripping, and the heater returns to its previous condition. Moreover, if the thermostat or filters are faulty, the thermostat’s temperature is higher than the room temperature, or the debris is clean from the filters.

Restoring The Heat Exchanger

The ideal performance of the heat exchanger is imperative for getting enough heat from the gas heater. However, if the heat tubes of this coil crack or break, the entire heating system will be negatively impacted. So, in gas furnace repair, restoration of the heat exchanger is a necessary step; therefore, we fix the cracks of the coil by either replacing the tubes or with high-quality tools that can repair the damage caused to the coil.

Furthermore, the same process is implemented by us in oil furnace repair, so whether there is any problem with your gas heater or the oil one, you can contact us any time. Additionally, we are the best option if you have decided to change the entire heating system and are looking for gas furnace installers near me.

Maintaining The Limit Switch

We do not only provide Furnace Repair Services in Elmhurst IL but also care about your safety. Moreover, we always ensure that the limit switch is in perfect condition because it is the switch’s job to detect the heat within the heater and tell the blower fan when to turn it on and off. So, the limit switch helps prevent fire and heater damage when the heater gets extremely hot. If your heater is continuously running and not stopping in between, a major defect in the switch must be resolved as soon as possible.

Moreover, you may connect with us for emergency furnace repair right away. The team will repair the switch properly, or if needed, it will replace it with another one. So, do you want an effective and safe working heater at your place? Call us now because we are offering 24-hour furnace repair services.

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