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    With over 25 years of dedicated service in Hillside, IL, Square HVAC is your reliable partner for AC, furnace, and appliance repairs. Established in 1999, we excel in air-conditioning system installations, ensuring your comfort year-round. Our experienced team swiftly addresses AC or furnace issues, from peculiar noises to decreased performance. We also offer skilled appliance repair, ensuring your household runs smoothly. Trust Square HVAC for quality service and expertise in all your HVAC and household needs.


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    With over 25 years of extensive experience, we specialize in delivering top-tier heating, air cooling (HVAC), and ventilation services. Our commitment to exceptional customer care reflects our dedication to your satisfaction.


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    We offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your comfort needs. Along with all the services listed, we will work on any gas or electric heating,Air Conditioning or Appliances repair,

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    A company dedicated to servicing, maintaining, and repairing furnaces, air conditioning systems, and appliances. We are an integrated engineering firm, consisting of agile and experienced engineers proficient in various aspects of HVAC and appliance work.

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