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Why not leave air conditioning installation to your local Experts? We sell and service all the most popular brands with special financing available for eligible homeowners. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you get the HVAC system that fits your needs best.

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Air Conditioning Installation - What To Expect

Cooling specialists have the tools and training to seamlessly perform your AC install. Along with one of the best warranties around, installation benefits include:

  • Tidy Installation
    When we’re at your home, we wear protective shoe coverings to reduce dust or floor damage. Drop cloths help keep things even cleaner.
  • Expert Service
    All our AC installers are ACE-certified, which means they’ve completed some of the best industry training.
  • Exceeding Expectation
    We ensure that all air conditioner installs follow local codes and manufacturer guidelines.
  • Verified Results
    After AC installation is complete, we’ll confirm everything is working like it should before we leave.

When To Choose AC Installation

Waiting for your air conditioner to fail before replacing it is not the best idea. A failing system will negatively impact comfort, not to mention indoor air quality. The benefits of AC installation include:
Lower Maintenance Costs: The older an air conditioning system is, the more frequently it needs repairs and maintenance, which add up in cost. As original parts become harder to find, costs go up as do the chances of mismatching components, potentially leading to additional repairs.
Energy Efficiency: Air conditioners over 15 years old use more electricity than modern units. A lack of efficiency means higher energy bills; a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) determines how efficient a unit is (the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient it is).
Improved Well-Being: New air conditioners can more reliably remove dust, pollutants, allergens, and viruses from the air. Improved comfort means you can enjoy your home no matter how hot or cold it is outside—and sleep better too.
New AC installation can also add value to your home. Over time, the energy savings can mean the unit pays for itself. Potential homebuyers also look favorably upon newer, more efficient and reliable air conditioning without having to update a home’s HVAC system.
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Removing your old system is the first hurdle to get past,

You will require a licensed contractor to help because only a certified professional can evacuate refrigerant by law.
There are also complex, heavy components to work with, not to mention sophisticated electrical, piping, and ductwork connections. Only a seasoned professional has the skills and training to handle these safely and effectively

With the old removed, the AC installation process you can begin

Various connections, including those for your drainage, ductwork, and electrical system, may need to be adjusted or replaced.
Newer units may include different types of hookups. The technician will evaluate your electrical connections and may recommend upgrading the wiring or your electrical panel.

Air Pros will install your new air conditioner per the manufacturer's guidelines

Our professionals have the tools and equipment to install every component correctly and address any unexpected complications along the way.

Charing the refrigerant is the next key step in installing a new unit

Refrigerant fluid is what enables heat to be transferred to or from your home.

Lastly, your new air conditioning unit will be tested and  your thermostat will be evaluated

If necessary, we'll suggest a more energy-efficient replacement. Once this process is complete, your HVAC system will be ready for use. We'll set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that you get the maximum life expectancy of your air conditioning system.


The life expectancy of an air conditioner varies from climate to climate, the average age at replacement is 13 years. Your personal threshold for discomfort in sticky weather may cause you to replace your system every 10 years, or even when a major repair is needed. Medical conditions, empty or uncomfortable areas or your home, and a few other factors cause many homeowners to add a supplemental ductless heating and cooling system and see how many years they can get out of their central cooling system.


The primary function of an air conditioner is to remove sticky water from the air and put it into a drain. When sized correctly, the cooling affect is often secondary or incidental. Many times, the drain can become obstructed from dirt, especially if the air filtration system is poor.

The other reason an ac leaking can be more serious- ice! When refrigerant levels are low and/or airflow is restricted the AC coil by your furnace or air handler freezes. When this happens, water collects & turns to ice and grows larger than the drain system, then defrosts. This water can infiltrate dark places and grow mildew, or even affect electronic components, damaging your hvac system. Inspect carefully with the power off and good a flashlight to see where the water is starting from. Many times, a hand from a hvac pro can save you lots of frustration.


Servicing the AC every year is the best way to stay ahead of any problems or major repairs. A malfunctioning system in extremely hot temperatures is not only uncomfortable but it is also unsafe. An annual tune up by a professional & licensed hvac contractor ensures your system is clean & is operating both efficiently & safely.

AC coils should be cleaned every year during the spring/summer months to prevent any pricy repairs or problems. During an AC Cleaning a licensed hvac technician will check the coil for cleanliness, leaks & refrigerant levels. All gas & electrical components are inspected for safety & performance. Your technician will inspect & change your filters, but it is also important to regularly change your filter every month in between seasonal tune ups of your hvac system.


It’s probably time to consider replacing your air conditioner if you are investing a lot of money into repairing it. It’s best to replace your air conditioner before the extreme temperatures arrive to ensure continued comfort & safety.


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