Regular air conditioner maintenance helps extend an appliance’s life, and during the hottest days of summer. It works well and provides proper cooling in the room every time you switch it on. So, if you want your air conditioner to work efficiently for several years, connect with Square HVAC to availing affordable AC Maintenance Services in Elmhurst IL.

We Take Care of the following AC Maintenance Services in Elmhurst IL

  • Filters
  • Coils
  • Coil Fins
  • Drains
  • Window Seals
  • Air Conditioner Covers
Cleaning the filters daily or replacing them after every season should always be address. Our professionals are train at unclogging the clogged pores properly so that the amount of airflow does not reduce and the system’s efficiency stays stable. 

Air Conditioning Repair Services In Elmhurst Il

We also recommend this procedure because when the airflow gets obstructive, the air deposits dust into the evaporator coil. The energy consumption starts increasing, and the filters are fixed or replaced with new ones. The consumption lowers to 5-15%. For unclogging the pores, we use premium-quality chemicals that are harmless for humans but work very fast for washing the filters. The chemicals are so up-to-the-mark that they do not leave a minor trace of dirt behind.


So, if you want superior-level maintenance ac, ring us a bell today. Also, since we schedule maintenance sessions every six months. There are always high chances for the detection of any flaw in the system. So the experts always stay ready to fix the fault immediately. Thus, you can count on us at very affordable rates whenever you require air conditioning repair services near me.



It is common for the evaporator and condenser coil to collect dirt easily; therefore, our contractors inspect them carefully in every maintenance session to provide quality AC Maintenance Services in Elmhurst IL. If they see any clue of reduce airflow or coil insulation. Then it gets clear that the coils need to be thoroughly clean. Since the coils are sensitive, chemicals are not use for them. Usually, blowers are used to wipe the dust away from the indoor and outdoor units.


However, if the outdoor unit has many layers of dirt. The experts clean it with high-pressure water so that the debris can be clean appropriately. Do you also need AC maintenance near me? Call us today, and we will provide a quote and a free consultation.

Coil Fins

The AC Maintenance Services in Elmhurst IL are not limite to the cleaning process only, as it involves restoring some components. Hence, the bent aluminum fins of both evaporated and condenser coils can block the airflow entirely. We use premium quality fin combs to return the fins to their previous condition. It is a crucial step of ac service maintenance because if the blockage is not remove, the air conditioner will not work accurately.




The blocked drain channel of the unit not only affects the performance of the air conditioner but also ruins the walls and carpets of the room. The reason is that the unit does not reduce the humidity, resulting in excess moisture that often discolors the walls or carpets. That is why while doing ac repair and service the contractors pass a stiff wire through the drain channels, and consequently, the existing blockage removes easily within a few minutes only.


Window Seals


The window frame should always contact the air conditioner’s metal case because if there is any gap in between, the seal gets damaged, and the cool air escapes from the location consistently. Is your unit’s seal also broken? Then you surely are looking for ac repair and services near me. Now you are at the right spot because our professionals repair the damage to the seal with high-quality tools within a blink of an eye.


Moreover, if there is any mold on the seal due to moisture. Then liquid solutions are use by our AC Maintenance Services in Elmhurst IL team to remove the mold and clean the seal.


Air Conditioner Covers


It might sound like a minor component, but it has major importance in extending the life span of an air conditioner, and we always pay attention to it. In the consultation session, you can detail the appliance’s specifications. The Square HVAC team will recommend the best cover for your air conditioner. As the covers are available in the market in many different forms, it is imperative to check the material before buying.


Some units are too sensitive that they need extra care, and only vinyl covers work best for them, whereas in the case of other air conditioners that are firm, even the plastic fabric can fulfill the need. Our recommended air conditioner cover helps the customer to protect the asset from debris and dirt, and most importantly, the outer unit from the dryness of the winter and dust of the external surroundings. Also, the cover helps maintain the AC’s appearance and does not start looking old very soon.


Emergency AC Maintenance Services


The maintenance sessions are scheduled by us biannually, but if you detect any abnormality in the cooling system, you can contact us anytime. The Square HVAC team will reach your doorstep within minutes of order placement. Also, the best thing is that we offer emergency AC Maintenance Services too, so even if the customer feels the need for the air conditioner to get evaluated at midnight, he does not have to hesitate; give us a call, and we will be there to assist. We offer AC service 24 hours and 7 days a week, whether it is Sunday or Monday. Our quality and economical services are always available for the customers.


Is your air conditioner not working well, and do you want it repaired urgently? Then you must be searching for ac repair services near me, and here we offer the best air conditioner maintenance.


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