Does a strange smell from the air duct bother you a lot? It is a sign that the vessel needs to get repaired as soon as possible so that the condition does not worsen. Moreover, in this situation, Square HVAC is there to assist you with its quality Air Duct Repair Service in Elmhurst, IL.

How Do We Repair The Air Duct?

  • Cleaning the Dust and Dirt
  • Oppressing the Air Vessel’s Weird Sounds
  • Opening the Clogged Filters
  • Fixing the Leaks
  • Placing the duct at the Right Point

Cleaning The Dust And Dirt

Dust must never reach the HVAC machinery because it is the biggest enemy of the HVAC systems. The dirt breaks down the inner workings of the vessel and makes it almost useless. Also, it helps the filtration process well. 

So, our professionals start cleansing the entire area for HVAC duct repair. If there are traces of mold and bacteria inside, they are removed so that the people’s health is not affected, and we provide them with the best Air Duct Repair Service in Elmhurst IL. Afterward, if the holes appear on the ductwork due to intense damage from fungi. They are sealed properly so that no leakage problems occur soon. In the case of ac duct repair, special tools like paper towels and vacuums are used by us so that the dust wipes out immediately.


Oppressing The Air Vessel’s Weird Sounds


The sound of poorly-functioning ductwork is extremely scary, and it can keep you up late at night; therefore, taking professional help becomes compulsory, and the policy of our Air Duct Service includes taking care of the comfort of the customers. So if you need satisfactory reparation services, our professionals are here at your service. Since the sounds produce due to the sudden bending of the metal, they restore it by fixing its shape and repairing the holes.


However, it takes a little time to evaluate whether the scary sounds have been completely stopped. So they install a camera there once they finish the reparation process. Then, we assess the ductwork remotely, and if any abnormality in its performance occurs, the experts immediately run to fix it. So, do you want to sleep peacefully without any annoying noise? Call us for the Air Duct Repair now.


Opening The Clogged Filters


The clogged filters of the ductwork affect its efficient working quite often. So, to open them, we use advanced equipment because just washing or rinsing the filters does not always work. As the traces of dirt remain there no matter what. Therefore, to thoroughly clean, we use premium quality unclogging tools to get dirt-free filters. Our contractors are very particular regarding hygiene maintenance. So we ensure that the customer’s air vessel always remains tidy and performs all the time accurately. Is your ductwork often getting much dust? Then, you must be looking for a ductwork repair near me. Connect with us today.


Fixing The Leaks


In the Air Duct Repair Service in Elmhurst IL, leakage fixation is a technical process because it involves an in-depth analysis of the entire area. The steps that our contractors follow are:




For a successful air duct repair, the best way to commence is to evaluate the whole area as it helps identify all those locations where the leakage occurs. We switch the thermostat on and start inspecting; once the leakage is found, we further fix it.




Sometimes it gets tough to locate the leakage spots, but we still need to complete the task in between or complete it properly. Our professionals always come up with great duct repair ideas in such challenging situations, so they opt for the air register’s sealing process.


Securing The Flex Connections


The flex connections play a major role in the leakage process, so the team tightens them using high-quality pliers.




Lastly, the hole or any other opening from the air leaks gets sealed with foiled back tape. We do this because it ensures long-term insulation. Also, this step is essential for air conditioning duct repair.


Placing The Duct At The Right Point


Most ductwork installation companies recommend replacing the ductwork when it loses its strength and falls due to many issues going on with it. However, this is only sometimes the case with Square HVAC, as we truly believe in our Air Duct Repair Service in Elmhurst IL. Initially, we always devise those solutions which not only help elevate the ductwork’s functioning but also save the customers’ money. So, please do not take the stress of the duct repair cost because we are highly affordable.


Air Duct Repair Process


As far as the placement process is concerned, the contractors attach the vessel back to the hole, and with the help of a toggle bolt, they tighten it and ensure that the hole holds the air vessel properly this time. Then, they put the register back in place so that you enjoy the heating and cooling again. Sometimes, when the condition of the air vessel is so bad, we also recommend changing it.


However, suppose the customer can wait to buy a new vessel. In that case, the team temporarily sets the ductwork with the help of construction adhesives applied to the flange. And then screws are drilled through the flange and floor so that the ductwork does not fall easily again. Are you also searching for a duct repair near me? Then, please only spend a single minute and contact us to get a quote that is budget-friendly and fair by all means.


Cost of Air Duct Repair Service in Elmhurst IL

Moreover, you are still hesitant because of your prior experiences with other companies. In that case, we assure you that you do not have to worry about the ductwork repair cost, as the rates are very economical. Furthermore, upon calling, you will also get an opportunity for a free consultation.


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