Are your heaters and air conditioners creating problems while functioning? Square HVAC has competent contractors for HVAC Repair in Naperville. So, please do not feel uncomfortable due to insufficient cooling or heating, and contact us today. Reparation Services Offered by Us:
  • Fixing the Defects of Local AC
  • Resolving Post Air Conditioning Installation Issues
  • Mending Commercial Air Conditioners
  • Replacing the Faulty Air Duct
  • Restoring the Damage to the Furnace

Fixing the Defects of Local AC

The air conditioners can stop working at any time. But you do not have to worry about it because our local ac repair services are reliable. First, we evaluate the most obvious reasons for the AC not to work, which includes checking whether the thermostat is set correctly; if there is some flaw in the setting, the air conditioner will not function at all. The other thing that we surely inspect is the condition of the air filters because if they are dirty, they will block the flow of air and create a barrier between you and cool air.

On the other hand, there is a high chance of a need for HVAC servicing which we are experts of. As several sensitive components are in the AC, the team switches off the unit first to avoid any damage or risk of an accident. Then, most of the time, the fan motor requires cleaning or oiling, severely affecting the appliance’s working; therefore, we lubricate the motor if necessary. Washing of the condenser coils and fins is done next, and the filters are cleaned. During the servicing, we ensure that no element remains untreated because it can cause AC problems again. We deal with air conditioner repair and service the ducts when required. Since dust usually has access to it, its cleaning becomes crucial for the efficient functioning of the air conditioner, so vacuums are used by the HVAC Repair for thorough cleansing. After the servicing, if the customer places an order, we offer to inspect services of the duct every six months to maintain it well.

Whether you want to get your AC fixed or need an air conditioning installation, you can call us whenever you want to.

Resolving Post Air Conditioner Installation Issues

Have you recently got an air conditioner installed by some company but it is not working as it should? Then, you must be looking for an affordable HVAC repair near me, right? Look no further and connect with us because our HVAC contractors are experienced in repairing the flaws of newly installed air conditioners.

 So, there is a possibility that the duct is leaking due to poor installation of the AC, and it is affecting the airflow badly. The contractors will fix the duct immediately for you because we know that it is very difficult to spend even a single day without splits in summer. The experts will seal the duct to make the airflow smooth and will also analyze the refrigerant charge because it might not be the one that is required. We set the charge at the perfect point and make the appliance work efficiently because we offer durable HVAC Repair services in Naperville.

Mending Commercial Air Conditioners

Working in an extremely hot environment is difficult, but our professionals can change your situation. Many customers have availed of commercial ac repair service from us, and they are very satisfied because we immediately detect the problem that is making it difficult for the AC to work. For example, if there is some issue with the wiring and the tripping is affecting the air conditioner, we address this problem best and ensure that it does not recur. Another reason for the inconvenience caused can be due to clogged drains; the professionals flush the system first and then put a layer of algaecide on it to prevent future clogs. 

The best part is that you can trust us if there is any other problem because we never disappoint our customers and always provide quality services. So, you may contact us anytime if you are looking for commercial air conditioning installation or reparation.

Replacing the Faulty Air Duct

We never want the customers to pay heavily, so firstly, the contractors try to devise a solution to restore the present duct well, but this cannot always be done. So, as a result, air duct replacement becomes compulsory. Square HVAC has a separate team of professionals who are experienced at fitting a new duct, so they always guarantee that the ducts get installed effortlessly to eliminate the risk of future problems and seal it properly so that leakage does not happen.

Also, during the installation, the dust released from drilling gets stuck on the duct. We do not just leave the duct there like that; we clean it well so that you enjoy a comfortable environment in your room. So, are you seeking a heating and ac repair near me? You are at the right spot.

Restoring the Damage to the Furnace

At times, the core reason behind a furnace’s poor performance is the filter’s clogged pores. Our HVAC Repair contractors detect whether the filter needs to be changed. If there is no such need, they will simply cleanse the dust from the pores and open them; in this way, the customer does not have to invest in a new filter, and the issue with the furnace will be resolved.

But in some cases, it gets necessary to fix a new filter, and the experts carefully do this job because the upside-down placement of the filter can reduce its effectiveness. The experts use premium-quality tools to fit the filter accurately. Is your furnace also annoying you and does not provide the required heat? You surely be searching for 24-hour furnace repair near me, then. Square HVAC is an ideal choice for you in this situation.


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