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Our dedicated team of skilled engineers are certified to carry out repairs on a comprehensive range of standalone or remote refrigeration systems in Hillside, IL.

If your fridge is broken or not working properly you’ve come to the right place. Here at Square HVAC we have a team of dedicated engineers who specialise in repairing broken or faulty fridges. Our warehouse is fully stock with spare parts of all brands and models of fridges so we’re sure that we can have your problem solved on our first visit. 

Why Choose Square HVAC For Your Repairs

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When a fridge breaks down or becomes faulty, it can be a race against time to save your groceries. While you may get ‘lucky’ as your fridge is pretty empty, there are those who may have just bought a couple of weeks’ worth of food that is now deteriorating at a pretty quick rate. Worse still, for those who are expecting guests over for dinner, it can be a disaster.

While there can be a number of reasons behind why your fridge has suddenly ran into these problems, our team at Square HVAC can sort out 99% of refrigerator problems in just one visit. That’s because we’ve spent the past 15 years repairing a range of appliances – from fridge freezers to cookers – and getting households within the London area back to normal.

But it’s not just our experience that makes us so confident that we can sort your fridge problems so quickly and efficiently; it’s because we ensure that our team of engineers are given extensive and continuously updated in-house training. Our specialist training covers the biggest and best fridge manufactures in the UK today – such as AEG, Indesit, LG, Miele, Zanussi and many more. This training means that our team is best prepared to fix fridge models that range from brand new to very old.

What is Included

Just choose one of the appliances you're having problems with and we'll chat about your other appliances/electrical issues when we speak over the phone.

If your fridge doesn't feel very cold, check the temperature dial to make sure it's at the right level. If the dial is ok, you might have an issue with your air damper, thermostat or there might be some damage to the rubber seal on your fridge door.

We can repair a number of different faults that your fridge may be having, including:

  • temperature faults
  • ice build-up
  • noisy fridge
  • damaged condenser coils
  • thermostat faults

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