Have your AC or heater got damaged? Square HVAC has a skilled team of repairers and maintainers who provide quality HVAC Repair Service in Oak Brook 24 hours a day.

What Do Our Repairers and Maintainers Do?

  • Maintenance of the Appliance
  • Restoration of Damaged or Faulty Heating and Cooling Appliances
  • Examination of Leakage
  • Fixation of a Duct Defect
  • Evaluation of Compressor
  • Fixation of Evaporator and Condenser Coils
  • Reparation of the Minor Issues of the Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintenance of the Appliance

To ensure that the air conditioner is working properly, scheduling maintenance sessions along with HVAC Repair Service is crucial. We schedule inspection sessions every six months so that if any defect is detected, it can be solved at the initial stage, and the risk of further damage eliminates. Moreover, our team performs the maintenance in such a perfect way that it also extends the life of the air conditioner; this helps you to avoid repetitive purchasing of the appliance every other year. So, if you are looking for HVAC contractors near me, call us now!

Restoration of Damaged or Faulty Heating and Cooling Appliances

Have you recently shifted to a new place, and during the unloading process, your heater got damaged? Well, do not worry. The contractors use advanced techniques to provide you with HVAC Repair Service; therefore, our contractors identify the elements of the electric heater to which the damage has been caused and devise a solution accordingly. If the defect is minor, the appliance is delivered back to your location within a day, but if there is any major problem, even then, the professional team will not take more than 24 hours to fix it. Only heater repairing services are not what we provide, because we offer air conditioner repair too. The reason why your air conditioner has stopped working might be due to dirty or blocked air filters, so we check the filters first and clean them to resolve the issue immediately so that you do not have to pay for any unnecessary reparation. But if there is any issue other than the filter one, we follow a proper reparation procedure to make you enjoy the appliance’s cooling again as soon as possible. So, look no further while searching for heating and cooling repair near me as we are available 24 hours a.

Examination of Leakage

There can be many reasons behind water leakage from your AC, for instance, a clogged drain line, AC being low on refrigerant, or dirty air filters. Being a part of an HVAC company, our professional team is highly proficient in dealing with all these defects. Initially, the purpose of the leakage is detected by us, and then we repair it to ensure that it does not occur again. Also, during maintenance, we pay special attention to the leakage factor because it can seriously affect the air conditioner’s life, and we want our customers to use their appliance for several years without any inconvenience. So, if you are urgently searching for an ac repair near me, we are here at your service.

Fixation of a Duct Flaw

Ducts directly impact air quality, so fixing any defect is imperative. If there is low air quality, then the aim of the AC will become zero because it will not provide cooling efficiency. In our HVAC Repair Service, we clean dirty vents to enhance the performance of the duct, and we also deal with duct cracks or tears well. On the other hand, poorly fitted ducts play a major role in higher energy consumption, and this causes a spike in your electricity bill; our air conditioning contractors ensure a perfect installation of the duct and repair all types of possible damages that can happen to it.

Evaluation of Compressor

The heating and air repair process can never complete without testing a compressor. Therefore, we always ensure that the refrigerant is circulating accurately or not. The refrigerant plays a vital role in the heat exchange through the coils in the case of the heater, whereas, in AC, it is responsible for the connection between the evaporator and condenser coils. Hence, the compressor is important in both cooling and heating systems. We offer services from repairing the compressor to replacing it. Firstly, the damage is tried to fix, but if it is excessive, we have a range of high-quality compressors you can buy and install. Furthermore, other HVAC Repair Service we provide includes oil changes, filter cleaning, and biannual compressor inspection.

Fixation of Evaporator and Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils of your AC system are not working, you must be looking for HVAC repair near me, right? Then, without wasting a minute, contact us today because we offer state-of-the-art installation of a new evaporator if the older one has any faults. Also, the experts deal with the imperfection of the condenser coils perfectly.

Reparation of the Minor Issues of the Heating and Cooling Systems

Square HVAC is one of the most well-known commercial HVAC companies out there, and that is why it is a part of our conduct to pay attention to both minor and major issues of the heating and cooling systems. We never ignore even the smallest flaw in the HVAC system because there are always high chances for it to turn into a bigger one at any time. Hence, our biannual evaluation and maintenance sessions are always detailed so that any element at the edge of getting damaged or can cause any problem soon gets fixed immediately. Moreover, various types of thermostats are available with us, and the customer can choose the one he wants to install. Not only this, we do in-depth cleaning of HVAC systems, which involves regularly cleaning the elements and removing mold that grows due to moisture in the duct. 


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