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Yearly Inspections

Yearly inspections are the best way to detect dirty coils and collapsed contractors; otherwise, they cause severe damage in the long run.

Maintenance checklist

Dealers give utmost attention to the customers who avail of yearly maintenance service contracts. Bin annual maintenance helps to run the system effectively. Considering the unit, the dealer will do the below-described tasks: Outdoor Units:
  • Examine the refrigerant level and adjust if needed.
  • Clean the inner cabinet dust
  • In a base pan, clear the obstructions of drain opening if needed
  • Coil and cabinet cleanliness if needed
  • Examine the fan motor and blades for any damage and lubricate it if it is old.
Indoor Units
  • Inspection of blower assembly that involves blower housing, motor and wheel.
  • Lubrication of old motors and change the fan belt.
  • Check up on blower housing for dust and debris. Clean if it is dusty.
  • Examine gas leakage in gas furnaces.
  • Inspection and cleanliness of burner assembly
  • Change air filters.
  • Inspection of controls that are associated, connections and control box.
  • Airflow system inspection for leakage.

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